Marta De Menezes

Marta de Menezes is a Portuguese artist whose research deals with the cross-section between art and biology. She works in research laboratories, in which she proves that new technologies used in biology can also be used as new artistic mediums. In 1999 she created her first biological work of art (Nature), in which she modified the patterns found on the wings of living butterflies. Since then she has been using diverse biological technologies including MRI brain scans which she used to create portraits in which she visualized the mind (Functional Portraits, 2002); DNA research, with which she created micro sculptures in the nucleuses of human cells (nucleArt, 2002); she created sculptures from proteins (Proteic Portrait, 2002-2007), and used DNA (Innercloud, 2003; The Family, 2004) living neurons (Tree of Knowledge, 2005) and bacteria (Decon, 2007) in her art. She continuously presents her work at international exhibitions, in articles and at lectures. Marta de Menezes is currently the artistic director of Ectopia, the experimental art laboratory in Lisbon and the head of the organization Cultivamos Cultura located in southern Portugal.

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