February 4 & 5, 2017

Time: 5-8pm
Location: Rampa
Address: Kersnikova ulica 4, Ljubljana

Welcome: Children (8-14)


Visualia Group

Magic Garden

The authors of the project, the members of the Croatian artist collective Visualia Group, revealed their professional secrets to the participants of this workshop. After a short introduction centered around the potential of using LED diodes in light installations, the authors moved to discussing plastics and technological processes for their practical use. The participants then created luminous mushrooms from plastics. They inserted LED diodes inside the mushrooms and connected them into groups that formed two small gardens. These were then connected to the main console, and the participants became acquainted with methods and processes of colour manipulation of LED diodes.

The installation was presented at Rampa Lab as part of the Lighting Guerrilla festival.

Photo: Tina Lagler and Kersnikova / Rampa Archive

About the event

Key words: Electronics, Design

Lighting Guerrilla

The programme Friday Academy is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana and Ljubljana Student Organisation.