Vivarium – animals, plants and technology

Vivarium – animals, plants and technology

Vivarium is a laboratory dedicated to researching the various forms of symbiosis between animals, plants and technology. We started from the premise that the conditions on planet Earth are getting ever harsher and will disintegrate to an extent in which living beings will be forced to live in extreme conditions. We are trying to improve the ever-poorer living conditions by introducing controlled technological interfaces that feed animals and plants and thus overcome the lack of light, air, water and food. Our numerous research projects try to ascertain the possible connections between living beings and technological systems and create inspirational out-of-the-box stories. We are also looking at the connections between people, animals, plants and technology and trying to use technology to improve the symbiosis between them.

We are currently developing an aquaponic system, in which plants would – with the aid of sensors positioned in an aquarium with fish – take nutrients that would be delivered by a robot spider whenever necessary. We would like to invite everybody interested in working with animals, plants and/or robots to join us in the development of this hybrid biotope.

Photo: Miha Godec


BioTehna / Kersnikova Institute