Green wall

Green wall

The Green Wall is a prototype installation of a vertical garden, in which a symbiotic interaction between plants, computers, robots and people takes place. The driving force behind the project is the desire to establish a sustainable system in which the cultivation and growth of plants, fungi and algae are constantly monitored through a network of sensors that measure humidity, temperature and light levels. The information is collected in the central system, which enables the viewer to monitor the conditions in the vertical garden, while simultaneously helping to maintain the garden by controlling the automated sprinkler and light system.

Individual plant, fungi, etc. modules can be placed into the existing structure. All modules are equipped with an internal sprinkler system and sensors. We are currently developing a robot – spider, which will monitor the conditions and water the plants, and we are also researching the possibilities of attaching hydroponic and aquaponic modules which would provide economic water management.

The project can be joined by anyone interested in sustainable use of resources and space within an urban environment, as well as robotics and programming, architecture, agronomy, etc. enthusiasts. The research and work take place in a relaxed atmosphere, on a voluntary basis, in the form of meetings, individual development of specific segments, or team work.

The project takes place within the frame of the European Digital Art and Science Network, which combines science with (digital) art with the aim of reaching a wholesome understanding of conflicting disciplines.

Photo: Hana Jošić


BioTehna / Kersnikova Institute