KiiCS’ / ‘Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science’, was a 3-year (2012-2015) programme supported by the European Commission from its 7th Research and Innovation Framework Programme. The project that was officially initiated on 15th February 2012 in Brussels, and the public activities of which started in September 2012, included twelve partners and nine associated scientific institutions that were coordinated by ECSITE (European Network of Science Centres and Museums).

The goal of the project was to build bridges between art and technologies with examples of good interactions between science and art. The project stimulated the cooperation between artists and scientists and encouraged youth to approach science in a creative way.

A part of the activities within the ‘KiiCS’ project focused on youth (aged between 14 and 17), with the goal of attracting them to become engaged/involved in creative activities which took place under the guidance of scientists and artists. Six innovative European partnerships evolved between the partners in the project, and they cooperated with nine scientific centres, all of which closely cooperated with the youth communities. The partnerships encouraged the creativity of youth through interactive games, virtual experiments, education or exhibitions.

KiiCS’ also supported entrepreneurship by creating connections between individuals, artists and scientists and the entrepreneurial world. This led to the identification of companies/investors who could be interested in supporting their ideas or their running projects. In order to achieve this the entrepreneurial communities were involved in various phases of the project.

The project’s results were passed on to a broad audience which included creative and scientific communities, science centres, museums, individuals, companies and innovative entrepreneurial centres as well as decision makers.

In Kersnikova we have successfully implemented the artistic research of various scientific and technological practices in interaction between scientists, engineers and artists in the form of numerous exhibitions, workshops within the Friday Academy and lectures. The project stimulated the cooperation between artists and scientists and encouraged the youth to approach science in a creative way.

Photo: Hana Jošić


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